Support Letter

Ten years ago I encountered Jesus and whole-heartedly gave myself to the pursuit of Him. He completely changed my life and I have been experiencing His love more and more ever since. November 2013 marked 5 years since I left everything I knew and followed God’s invitation to Northern Ireland. I joined Youth With A Mission, a community dedicated to being the hands and feet of Jesus — sharing His love, hope and transforming power in divided hearts and lands. I longed to bring hope to ones who had given up. To love the broken-hearted. To bring light and joy and peace to a hurting and dying world — that in all these efforts people would see and feel the redeeming love of our God and choose to become reconciled to Him through the love of Jesus Christ. It was my desire to daily look beyond myself and yield to the Lord’s greater and far more satisfying will. If you received my very first support letter in 2008 you’ll recognize that as my vision statement and motivation for becoming a missionary. I can joyfully say my time has been filled with all of that and more!

I believe God has called me to be a peacemaker and reconciler to the nations —particularly Northern Ireland. He’s invited me to help restore His original design for His children, especially in the areas of identity and creativity. I have had the immense privilege to take part in mentoring, ministering to and leading dozens of young people in Discipleship Training Schools and through personal connections with even more around the world. In following God’s call I’ve seen Him exponentially multiply any work I could have accomplished on my own. And after five years, countless adventures, testimonies, as well as heart-breaking tests and trials, I am only just getting started!

The nature of being a missionary means that I must rely on the financial, spiritual and emotional support of others to support and sustain my work. Sadly, many missionaries leave the field after a short time — mainly due to finances. I am fully committed to this call on my life, it just doesn’t come with a salary! The last few years would have been impossible without people like you and God’s miraculous provision. I need your help to continue.

To show you what my life of missions is all about would take too many pages! This blog only contains samples of experiences I have. Please take the time to explore my posts, my ISSUU updates and prayerfully consider investing in me so I can continue investing in the nations. It’s humbling, yet thrilling that we get to participate in expanding God’s kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven”. Will you join me in this venture?

Sincerely and humbly,

Stephanie Green


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