Deep Roots

“Everyday, the first field you have to plow is your own heart. You have to know Him (Jesus) deeply, first. You must know Him before you can share Him. Otherwise the danger is with all of your ability, giftings, and hard work, you will just share yourself” – Brother Thierry. (from the Benedictine Monastery in Rostrevor, Co. Down)

I borrowed this information from my friend and fellow missionary, Joelle, who is currently helping run a mobile DTS with the Fire & Fragrance Ireland family. This is from their lecture week on Celtic Christianity while they were staying in Rostrevor. I am so thankful that in the pilgrimage of my life, the Lord led me to Ireland. The richness and depth of spirituality here is beautiful and there’s so much more for me the learn and glean from. Some of the core beliefs of the Celtic Model:

  • Incarnation(al): Jesus, GOD, came to us as a man, he become like we were. The Celts believed in going to a people, and instead of trying to change them, they embraced the amazing parts of the people and helped Christianity bloom among the natural giftings they already had. IRELAND was an artistic/unique warrior people when St. Patrick came. He didn’t try to take that out of them. He embraced it and showed them how they could be creative warriors of the Kingdom.
  • Community: When they created communities everywhere they went, they did it AS a community. They believed in leaning on one another, opposite to our often “individualism” mindset.
  • Belonging before believing: In the time of the first Celts the roman church would only let you into their “group” if you professed what you wanted them to. Celtic Christianity countered that through building friendship and relationship. Going OUT into where the people are, instead of just waiting for the people to join them.
  • Every sphere of Society
  • No Sacred and Secular: Believing that God is everywhere, not just with us when we read the Bible. But in out fun activities, when we clean the house, not COMPARTMENTALIZING Jesus.
  • Spirit – Led: They believed in Relying on the Holy Spirit not just religious laws.
  • Truth is a Person

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  1. I love this! I think as a culture in America we go about it a little differently sometimes.

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